YiFuel for Teams — Find Your Why


You’ve been asking, and we heard your request. YiFuel for Teams is a brand new program focusing on helping athletes to reach the best version of themselves with nutrition science. Are you a coach or an organization searching for a sports nutrition solution for your team? Keep reading and see if this program is for you!

What is the YiFuel Program

So, what exactly is the YiFuel program? As the name indicates, we focus on three core concepts:

  • the “Why” that motivates athletes in your team or organization to better themselves
  • the “Fuel” that allows your athletes to accomplish these goals
  • and the long term strategy that continues to maintain our results and nurture lifetime habits, so they can truly fuel themselves sustainably and independently

As the coach, you’re responsible to support your athletes on and off the field. In other words, you provide them with the fuels they need to maintain and improve their performances. However, many coaches do not have the professional knowledge sports nutritionists and dietitians have — that’s a very simple fact.

That is where we come in.

Who Can We Help?

Do you have athletes suffering from previous injuries? Or, perhaps your team always seems to hit the wall in the second half of the game. Have your athletes ever suffered food poisoning on their way to a big game? If any of these situations have been your concern, chances are, your team is suffering from their nutrition decisions.

The YiFuel for Teams program is designed to help coaches to support their athletes better. So in the end, we help your athletes too, but we focus on a more systematic approach that will enhance the overall performance by adapting the appropriate nutrition strategies and improvements. If you’re interested in more personal programs, then check out our services for athletes and professionals.

From Strategy to Lifelong Habits

Band-aid fixes are not what we’re going for. It is our goal to cultivate lifelong habits among your athletes and systematically optimize how your team and organization handle sports nutrition. What we do is more than setting you up with the right diet. Instead, we train both the athletes and the coaches to become more educated with what is needed nutrition-wise for better performance.

With the teams program, we help you build the roadmap to the overall success and walk with you along the way until we translate your strategy to real actions. It is our goal that you continue to perform and outperform after our time together. And to make that a possibility, we will prioritize coaching and education to nurture good nutrition habits within your organization.

Finding the Right Way to Fuel Your Athletes

Every team is different and every athlete’s goal may vary. As a result, each organization needs different fuels depending on their focus sport, internal structure, and short/long-term targets.

With the YiFuel for Teams program, you will have the support of a sports nutritionist/dietitian no matter what your plans are. Let us be the organizational support that will continue to help you thrive on and off-season and even help your on-site nutritionist reach a higher career level.

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