The Pros and Cons of KETO Dieting While Strength Training


A diet can be an effective tool for weight loss in both adults and children in Tampa, Florida. While some studies show that a KD improves muscle mass and endurance, other research suggests that it may negatively affect strength gains. In addition, some athletes report feeling tired or even sick after starting a KD.

Pros of KD During training

Weight Loss

Most people lose between 1–2 pounds per week depending on their fitness level, metabolism, as well as how much they consume each day. This allows them to reach their goals faster, too, since they will no longer have to work as hard.

Therapeutic Treatment for Disorders and Some Diseases

Research shows that patients who successfully follow this diet saw improvement in mood and behavior. On top of that, scientists have found that following this diet helped reduce anxiety and stress.

There are also promising results shown by using workout diets for various conditions like cancer and Alzheimer’s disease. Some researchers are currently looking at whether the diet could help treat depression or PTSD.

Improves Blood Sugar Levels

Another advantage of taking this diet is that it helps people with diabetes manage their condition as it produces low glucose levels in the body, which reduces diabetic complications. Low blood sugar puts us into a state of shock. When it happens, the first thing we do is eat something high in simple sugars like fruit juice or soda.

The critical thing here is that it takes anywhere from 3 days to 2 weeks to see the effects of the diet in the long run. If you look closely at all of the research, you’ll notice that the workout diets used in those studies had participants try to stay off carbs completely.

Cons of KD During Training

Nutritional Deficiency

No matter what kind of workout routine you follow, you will need protein to stay full throughout the day. On this diet, you get way less than usual.

May Cause Some Health Problems

Heart problems, kidney issues, liver damage, etc., can occur while taking this diet. Some people also report high cholesterol and other health-related issues. That’s why it is advisable to consult with your doctor before starting a strict KD diet on any nutritional plan.

High-Fat Risks

Fat loss can take time, but as soon as you start losing weight, you’ll notice you start getting leaner and more toned. But if you continue on low carb during training, you run the risk of developing health conditions.


While the evidence is not clear-cut, it seems that a KD may be useful for managing certain medical conditions. However, this does not mean that you should stop working out. Don’t hesitate to contact us today in Tampa, Florida, to find out more on this topic.

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