The Pros and Cons of KETO Dieting While Strength Training


A diet can be an effective tool for weight loss in both adults and children in Tampa, Florida. While some studies show that a KD improves muscle mass and endurance, other research suggests that it may negatively affect strength gains. In addition, some athletes report feeling tired or even sick after starting a KD. Pros of KD During training Weight … Read More

Can Sustainable Diet Fuel You Right?


A recent article put sustainable diets into the spotlight with a unique approach, tying a “plant-based” diet with meeting agricultural emission goals. After profound research, instead of a traditional plant-based diet, the author concluded that there is no best solution. Rather, individuals must cater to their needs while keeping sustainability in mind if both the human and the planet want … Read More

Advance Your Career With ISAK Training in 2021


If you were bombarded by the unprecedented events last year, you would be glad to hear that we are the only instructor who has developed a hybrid ISAK training model in response to the pandemic, making training and career advancement as convenient as possible under the new circumstances. Career Growth in 2021 The global pandemic has turned the general public’s … Read More

Why Enroll in a Level 1 ISAK Course (or Level 2)


If you are a nutritionist/dietitian, you may have heard of the ISAK Certification. Here’s the thing — enrolling in a Level 1 ISAK course  (or level 2) could be the best investment you make for your career and your clients this year.  Designed for sports scientists, nutritionists, and other sports practitioners, the program provides a standardized approach to assessing athlete … Read More

What is Sports Nutrition? A Basic Introduction

what is sports nutrition - sports nutrition for teams

Despite a seemingly simple name, sports nutrition is an extensive and interdisciplinary science field. Doctors, dietitians, exercise physiologists, and even cellular and molecular biologists all work together to help athletes discover and achieve optimal performance.  Main Categories Broken down, sports nutrition is composed of three primary categories: carbohydrates, protein, and fat. Specialists have studied how these three principal nutritional categories … Read More