Changing Your Food Mindset: How to Fuel for a Healthier Lifestyle


Does the term “mind over matter” sound familiar? Often, the only thing stopping us from reaching our goals is taking the first step. The same goes for building a healthy lifestyle. Don’t underestimate the influence changing your food mindset could bring to your world. Growth vs. Fixed Mindset What Is a Fixed Mindset? It teaches you that you will fail … Read More

What is Sports Nutrition? A Basic Introduction

what is sports nutrition - sports nutrition for teams

Despite a seemingly simple name, sports nutrition is an extensive and interdisciplinary science field. Doctors, dietitians, exercise physiologists, and even cellular and molecular biologists all work together to help athletes discover and achieve optimal performance.  Main Categories Broken down, sports nutrition is composed of three primary categories: carbohydrates, protein, and fat. Specialists have studied how these three principal nutritional categories … Read More