Changing Your Food Mindset: How to Fuel for a Healthier Lifestyle


Does the term “mind over matter” sound familiar? Often, the only thing stopping us from reaching our goals is taking the first step. The same goes for building a healthy lifestyle. Don’t underestimate the influence changing your food mindset could bring to your world.

Growth vs. Fixed Mindset

What Is a Fixed Mindset?

It teaches you that you will fail before you even try. With a fixed mindset, you validate your worst fears when you don’t see immediate results. As a result, you may believe you’ll never become healthy/successful, sabotaging your best efforts to improve.

What Is a Growth Mindset?

A growth mindset believes things are constantly changing and growing. Minor setbacks could make up the larger picture with self-reflection, and therefore do not discourage you. A growth mindset is key to achieving a healthier lifestyle.

How to Build a Growth Food Mindset

So, how can you change your food mindset and fuel for a healthier lifestyle? Start with the simple things, such as the strategies listed below.

Use a Physical Tool

For example, try to write down your goals in a journal with daily notes. Having a physical way to see the small steps/ changes daily can help us stay motivated and focused, and in the end, remain on track to achieve our desired outcome.

Find your Tribe

Surrounding yourself with the right crowd who share your goals will help you maintain a healthy mindset and lifestyle. Many gyms and organizations have groups/communities where you can interact and share your goals with people striving for the same thing. Finding a supportive community can help you stay on track and feel more connected to the positive changes you are making.

Change Your Perspective on Food

Ask yourself: how does the food you choose fuel you? How do your choices help you reach your goal? The answer to these questions will help you determine what you need to do to improve your diet.

For example, instead of cutting out all snacking, switching to healthier options is an easy way to start positive change. Choosing fresh over packaged foods is another simple way to increase food’s nutritional value. You should also add superfoods to your diet for more nutrition.

Be Mindful

Are you eating enough healthy food and not depriving yourself? What do you need to maintain the progress you’ve made? Being mindful is keeping yourself in check. For example, inspect a restaurant menu ahead of time to see if you should go somewhere else instead. Or, you can find yourself secret lunch spots, such as neighborhood parks, to help you look forward to mealtime.

Get Sleep

If you’re running on a half-empty tank, chances are making healthy choices will be far more complex. Therefore, make sure you are getting enough sleep. Occasionally, set time aside for self-care because even a brief pampering will reward your brain and make you more ready to stay committed to your new food mindset.

Own Your Food Mindset

Changing the way we view food is 90% of the battle in fueling yourself with nutrition to build a healthier lifestyle. Start with simple changes and keep a journal for track-logging and reflection. Remember, baby steps are what will help you achieve the healthy lifestyle you want. So, control your mind and dominate your food mindset. Stay committed, but occasionally, give yourself a pat on the back.

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