Stephanie Wilson

Internationally recognized as a sports dietitian and nutritionist, and a reknowned ISAK instructor.

A Lifelong Passion

Stephanie began her sports journey as a gymnast and then transitioned to being a runner. That was the beginning of a lifelong passion for sports performance, athlete development, and sports nutrition, which inspires her to keep educating herself to find ways to improve performance through science. 

For the last decade, Stephanie has been developing world-recognized sports nutrition programs built on science-based principles. Based on measurable variables, Stephanie’s programs have been proven successful across multiple aspects with a track record. 

Professional Development

Stephanie holds a Master of Science degree in Food Science & Human Nutrition with Sports Nutrition emphasis from the University of Florida.  She also has a Ph.D. in Psychology, where she studied overreaching in resistance-trained athletes.

As a nationally recognized dietitian, Stephanie has helped many teams, organizations, and individuals to reach peak performance with the right nutrition program. Most recently, she launched the full-time nutrition program at the Toronto Blue Jays. Started in 2017, Stephanie oversaw the nutrition program for over 300 professional athletes. Her responsibilities included education, sports science, and access to fuel daily for nine facilities in three countries.

Team & Organization Programs

A Mentor for Nutritionists and Dietitians

She is passionate about mentoring other dietitians & health practitioners. Her passion for helping others inspires her to build programs that reach as many people as possible. She is described as courageous, team-centered, and conscientious in her solution-focused approach to solving problems.

She is internationally distinguished as a Level 3 ISAK Instructor and Anthropometrist, making her one of the few practitioners in the United States to hold this level of expertise. Her decade of experience demonstrating body composition changes extends beyond ISAK anthropometry to include DXA and Bod Pod. 

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