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A Systematic Approach to sports nutrition for teams

Our results-driven approach is supported by scientific research. We only apply the strategies that we know will work for your team and organization.

Why Work With a Sports Nutritionist/Dietitian

Does your team or organization need a sports nutritionist? Good question. The primary role of a sports nutritionist, or a dietitian, is to educate athletes or other professionals on reaching their goals with dietary strategies. These goals can be improving performances, meeting weight targets, or recovering from injuries.

Additionally, a sports nutritionist/dietitian will detect the unaddressed issues in your team, organization, or facilities. In general, there are three types of problems that may be hindering your athletes from reaching optimal performance.

Insufficient Education

Your athletes may lack the necessary knowledge that will help them build lifelong habits of better eating. In this case, the sports nutritionist plays the educator’s role and equips athletes with the necessary strategies and information to reach their goals.

For example, an injured athlete may be unknowingly consuming food that hinders their recovery. Meanwhile, a meal plan from Googling “diets for weight gain” may not quite do the job right.

Food Service/Facility Defects

Another common situation is a team or organization’s food service, and relevant facilities are insufficient to help the athletes reaching their goals. This could be lacking the proper equipment to meet the health or dietary standards or not working with the right caterer.

In this case, the sports nutritionist plays the consultative role, advising on upgrading or installing the necessary equipment or finding the right supplier for the athletes’ meals.

How We Tailor sports nutrition for teams

Building a systematic approach that gets results

Pro SOS Nutrition has a systematic method that’s proven to work. By starting with a comprehensive assessment, we genuinely get to know our clients’ goals to tailor a customized game plan for each individual and organization.

We have over a decade of hands-on experience building customized nutrition programs for athletes and other professionals to help them reach their goals. We’ve worked with coaches, organizations, and individuals to educate, inform, and eventually help them build good eating habits that last a lifetime.

Unlike our competitors, who often don’t know what variables to look into, or how to build an effective educational program that will benefit all individuals involved, Pro SOS Nutrition has been leveraging our scientific expertise and practical experience to help our clients reach a new performance level for over a decade.

We only do what’s guaranteed to work for you.


Our Process

There is no one-size-fits-all nutrition program template. But some methods are known to be effective. At Pro SOS Nutrition, we use a proven process to repeat client success stories.


During the assessment stage, we will learn about your goals, get to know your organization, and walk through your facility to conduct an overall assessment.


After the initial walk-through, we will diagnose the issues hindering your organization and athletes from reaching their most capable selves. 


Now that we know the problems, we officially begin intervention by creating a strategy and implementing necessary adjustments.

Track Progress

Throughout our partnership, our sports nutritionists/dietitians will closely monitor and track progress.


Based on the progress (or lack thereof), we will adjust or optimize your nutrition program to bring more results.


It is our goal to not only give you the fish that will ease your initial hunger but teach you how to fish so you never starve again.

Team Session

Team session is our basic offer. We will meet with your athletes and address the team goals. Essentially, these sessions use sports nutrition for teams to make your athletes stronger.

Weight Goals

Our second service tier tailors to your needs to gain, lose, or maintain weight. This tier groups athlete by weight goal and educate them separately with actionable plans.

Injured Athletes

Our third-tier service uniquely tailors to injured athletes. It is our goal to accelerate recovery while maintaining recovery progress with injury-specific nutrition programs.

ISAK For Sports Nutritionists/Dietitians

Reach the next stage of your career with an ISAK certificate.