Our Story

Gain a competitive edge with our nutrition programs and differentiate yourself from your competition.

Pro SOS Nutrition has been supporting elite athletes for over a decade. Our clients discover the most suitable strategies with our sports nutrition programs that will aid them in achieving their goals.

Why Pro SOS Nutrition

The concept of Pro SOS Nutrition came to life in 2019. After our launch in 2020, we soon realized how many organizations needed reliable guidance for sports nutrition programs. With our versatile, customizable approach, we can quickly add value to our clients by utilizing existing resources wisely and responsibly. Ultimately, Pro SOS Nutrition creates efficient and effective nutrition programs that help individuals build a life.

We have a proven history of delivering peak performance with sports nutrition programs, creating consistent, outstanding results for body composition enhancement year after year. We are here to ensure clear and measurable results with the right foundations.


Responding to Growing Needs

As we grew, we noticed many sports nutritionists became overwhelmed as a one-person show due to an increased need and awareness of nutrition strategies.

In general, the sports nutrition industry is calling for new programs. As a result, many practitioners become overwhelmed by the rapidly growing needs of nutrition programs. Since most sports nutritionists are a one-person team, having continued support and training is critical to their growth. Therefore, Pro SOS Nutrition has dedicated itself to not only support practitioners throughout their careers but to also help them achieve their personal and professional goals.

Ultimately, we go beyond designing sports nutrition programs for athletes but also set your staff up for success and continued growth. We have helped dozens of practitioners improve their skills, bring more value to an existing job, and get their dream job through proper preparation.

The Pro SOS Quality

Our deep knowledge of sports nutrition research allows us to provide the most significant performance impact via nutrition changes. We propose optimized nutrition strategies based on complex scientific research and help organizations to adopt best practices into their high-pressure schedules.

We understand the challenges faced by elite performers and what it takes to succeed. By pairing our profound knowledge in nutrition science and behavioral psychology, we are able to facilitate success for any pros ready to discover their competitive edge.

Our Passion, Our Mission

Giving individuals a competitive edge with habits that last a lifetime

We bring commitment and customized roadmaps for organizations, practitioners, and athletes wanting to get a competitive edge.