Advance Your Career With ISAK Training in 2021


If you were bombarded by the unprecedented events last year, you would be glad to hear that we are the only instructor who has developed a hybrid ISAK training model in response to the pandemic, making training and career advancement as convenient as possible under the new circumstances.

Career Growth in 2021

The global pandemic has turned the general public’s focus back on health and nutrition more than ever. A year later, we can now hear conversations about alternative medicines, dietary adjustment, and nutrition almost every day. The shift in awareness has brought opportunities to the practitioners to move forward in their career and bring forward the changes to their patients they weren’t able to realize before, as people are now much more receptive and educated regarding nutrition science.

ISAK Training

However, when it comes to working with athletes, a sports nutritionist/dietitian must look beyond simple weight goals but consider their performance goals altogether and determine what the best approach is. To do that, we need systematic training and the necessary knowledge — and ISAK training is one of the most direct-forward methods to equip yourself with what you need to provide the best service for your clients.

What You Will Learn in ISAK Training

The International Society for the Advancement of Kinanthropometry was founded in  1986 as a vocational organization for those working with kinanthropometry. The organization has provided resources, connections, and education to continue to advance the understanding and improvement of human bodies.

The ISAK courses came into place to provide systematic, measurable, and consistent education to sports nutritionists, dietitians, and other practitioners. For most practitioners, the training comes in two levels.

ISAK Level 1

Level 1 ISAK course is the introductory course all practitioners who assess body composition should take. The curriculum covers fundamental principles of Anthropometry and Anthropometric techniques that use standardized landmarks to assess body composition.

ISAK Level 2

Level 2 provides more profound, more complex theories and techniques needed by the professional to further their career path. It has a much more extended and challenging curriculum, but graduating from Level 2 training will help you stand out in the competition for sure. The level 2 ISAK course will also familiarize you with frame analysis and muscle assessment.

Finding a Certified Instructor

It is critical that you receive training from a certified instructor — individuals holding a Level 3 certification.

If you don’t know where to find courses, you can go to the ISAK website and select courses from the tab. You can then filter the results by level, location, and instructor. Another good approach is to search for ISAK training or instructors in your location directly. However, when doing a general Internet search, make sure you validate their eligibility and do some background research before enrolling in any courses.

ISAK Training With SOS Nutrition

SOS Nutrition provides Level 1 and Level 2 courses throughout the year at different locations across the nation. Stephanie Wilson, our CEO is an internationally-recognized sports dietitian and nutritionist. Passionate about helping more nutritionists advance in their careers, Stephanie is also a renowned ISAK instructor with an approachable and efficient teaching style.

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